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The idea for a modern home today is associated not only with unique and comfortable furniture and interesting interior, but mainly with the newest and preferable windows and frames.

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burglar-at-window by Roto

Protective casing

Windows with Roto security fitting is one of the most reliable ways to protect your home against intrusion without the use of grids. Roto offers several types of security doors and windows, even with the ability to connect them directly to the alarm system.

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micro ventilation by Salamander

What is micro-ventilation?

Fittings for micro-ventilation provide controlled ventilation without heat loss. How is this done? The window handle is specific - there is one more position, which opens at an angle of 45°. Thereby providing a gap with a size between 10 and 13 millimeters at the top of the window, this is sufficient to ensure adequate ventilation of the room..

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Streamline76eckig Salamander

PVC Windows - Salamander

The Salamander profiles are new way to explore and look at the world. Their quality is unbeaten and has no similar features among the companies that produce profiles. Salamander profiles have distinguished outlook and presence, which mark a new era in the making of windows and frames.

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6-kasa thumb Hammer

PVC - Hammer

Hammer Plast uses the highest quality materials, technologies and tools that contribute to the high quality profiles production. Hammer Plast profiles are among the first ecological profiles, made in Europe with a calcium-zinc stabilizer.

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