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What is micro-ventilation?

micro ventilation

Fittings for micro-ventilation provide controlled ventilation without heat loss. How does it work? The window handle is specific - there is a position, which opens at an angle of 45 °. Thereby providing a gap with a size between 10 and 13 millimetres at the top of the window, this is sufficient to ensure adequate ventilation of the room.

The difference in air pressure inside and outside the housing allows a slow, but effective change of the air. If you choose the micro-ventilation option, then you should use the standard Roto-fittings with a biaxial opening. The fittings of the micro-ventilation could be applied only for standard rectangular windows. The advantage here is that there is no additional installation, the system does not allow the penetration of rain and there is an additional good anti-breaking protection in the fixed micro-ventilation position.

This is a great opportunity for safe, secure and efficient ventilation of premises and thus prevents condensation.