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Profilco - PR 63

PR63Before we introduce you the aluminium profiles, let us offer you a way to get more into the features of the aluminium frames, so you can make the best choice for your home. The aluminium windows are designed for areas where energy saving is a major priority. It`s used for the construction of office buildings, pavilions, production halls, room internal partitions, doors and etc. Like everything else, the aluminium profiles have their advantages and benefits.

Advantages of aluminium windows and doors:

  • not affected by extreme temperature changes
  • do not change their appearance over time
  • no need a special care when maintained
  • there is little linear expansion

63 PR system has a thermal insulation of 24 mm and belongs to the category of "2.1" of heat transfer. It`s used for windows, doors, cabinets and etc. It has an absolute protection against cold, heat and noise. It creates ideal conditions inside the rooms of the house.


  • The frame-from 55 up to 108 mm.
  • Width of the wing-from 55 up to 63 mm.
  • Wall thickness- from 1.3 up to 1.5 mm.
  • Glass from- from 23 up to 47 mm.