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Insulating Glass

Crucial for the heat - and sound insulation qualities of PVC and aluminium windows has the glazing, which is assembled with them. However, about 80% of the windows are glazing. It is important to invest in a more appropriate glass type that will pay off in a relatively short time – in two to three years, due to the energy savings.

Standard glazing windows consist of two white floated glasses, which are 4 mm thick and from 20 up to 24 mm wide. Energy savings and comfort is achieved by the use of low emission or HR + + glass and filling the interior with argon. The effect, from such product is 3-4 degrees warmer glazing windows in the winter, which besides the saving effect prevents the condensation.


Low-emission glass HR + +

In order to reduce the strong energy loss by radiation, low emission glass is created for that purpose. The low emission glass is marked on one side, by very thin reflective layer of hot pulverized metal oxides (mostly silver, titanium or other precious metals). The function of this layer, which is only a few microns thick, is to keep the heat in the rooms. When HR + + glass is assembled in the room and the reflector layer is inside the glass, it begins to act as a mirror for the heat rays, which are in the infrared spectrum. Sunlight is mainly short-wave and all the energy that it brings passes smoothly over the glass and enters the premises. However, when the walls and furniture are heated by it, they begin to radiate heat, which has a longer wavelength and cannot leave the room back through the window. All heaters emit infrared heat. But they are not the only ones, but also burners, monitors, lighting, even the human body. Overall benefits of HR + + glass is unbeatable – the glass is almost 30% more insulating than the other products. Thus, it`s less likely the condensation to occur on the inside of the glass. It also cuts heating bills and contributes for a greater comfort in the rooms.


Triplex Glass

Triplex is made by bonding two or more sheets of float glass with PVB tar and foil. PVB layers give the triplex higher sound insulation. The PVB layer hold the broken pieces together in case of a breakage, so that the glass won`t break into pieces. Where is the triplex? - Glazing of buildings, windows of important sites, stair and escalator railings, glazed balconies, glass floors and landings, parts of furniture and tables. It`s used for all glass envelope, glazing for buildings located in noisy areas of airports, bulletproof windows, skylights, glazing areas and rooms in banks. Regarding the laminated glass, its sound insulation features are better than other products` with similar purposes .It stops 99% of UV rays amount.

Triple glazed windows - for high thermal and sound insulation

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Nowadays we see a great conversion in customers` choices from double to triple glass PVC profiles. The target is to reduce the heat loss and thereby significantly improve energy efficiency of the glass. Thus, the double glazing windows are insufficient for the perfect home`s insulation.

The most accurate method to compare the energy performance of glass is the heat transfer coefficient - U [W / mK]. Traditional single glazed windows have a value around or above 5, the double glass- about 3, but with time, the technology for its manufacture has undergone significant improvements, reducing the value of the coefficient below 1.6. The improvements consist of the:

• Add low-emission coating
• use of larger cavities (optimal width of 16 mm.)
• Use of inert gas to fill the cavity
• Design and use of aluminium spacers

The achieved glazing windows value of the coefficient U = 1.6, compared to a brick wall`s value - less than 0.3, let us suggest, that windows and glass, in particular, remain the weakest link in the insulation of the home.

Is the use of triple glazing a must?

Triple glazing is widely used in countries with cold climates and passive houses requiring windows with a value of U ≤ 0,8. To achieve such a result, should be used exactly triple glazing.

The amount of energy savings, as a value expressed in money, is much less than the funds needed for double glazing, but here we have something else in mind: when insulating walls and roofs, by purchasing costly high-efficiency heating equipment, but ignoring the glazing windows, you will inevitably encounter with an unpleasant phenomenon - condensation and hence- mould.

So, the standard of the glazing must comply with those of the house`s, as it will ensure that the heat (respectively coolness in summer) would stay inside the house and not be lost in the atmosphere.

Decorative Windows

Decoration in the glazing is good way to improve the outlook of your house. With such decoration the windows look more massive and nice. The glazing has a decorative rung of 18 mm. Such windows could fake even an expert, as the people see more than one window grid. The decorative windows could give a very effective final touch of any window of the house. And the most important thing is that people could choose from plenty of forms, designed for decorative glazing.

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