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Aluminium roller Shutters


Aluminium shutters are best used for the outside areas of you home and openings.  If a quality powder coat finish is used the aluminium shutters will last up to 25 years. The shutters need further care; as the surface must be kept clean, in order to get the best life span. The aluminium shutters are not very popular for use on the inside of windows, because the aluminium is a good conductor of heat.  But they are used as a perfect add to the final outlook of the homes, because they look better than the shutters, made of different materials.

Exterior shutters could be operated in two ways: manual and with a motor. Manual operation may be performed using cord attached to a case, or with a crank for the extreme blinds. Using a motor could be very important and easy action, and here the possibilities are many. The most common way is the use of a button, and if you want to control the blinds from a distance you could use a remote control. Customers, living with the modern gadgets and made them a specific lifestyle, could order modern devices, which have a central control system or capable of programming weekly or monthly. Thanks to them, your home may seem inhabited, even when you're on a long vacation. Other high-tech ways to control sensors are sun, wind and rain. So, if you are not home, your premises will be protected from external effects.

For your convenience the exterior shutters have the following advantages:

  • Energy-saving: closed shutters have high thermal insulation, due to the airflow between roller blinds and window. The process reduces heating costs and energy. Aluminium shutters give you a greater protection against rain, snow, hail, wind and solar radiation.
  • Theft protection: these blinds drive away the thieves and generally all offenders, who are about to harm you. They could be assembled with a sensor, directly connected to the security system in your home, thus providing guaranteed prevention against burglary.
  • Eye protection: these blinds protect you against unpleasant and curious stares of passers-by, neighbours and gossips. They allow you to keep your private life and protect your privacy from intruders. You can keep the shutters up or down.
  • Noise protection: external shutters protect you very well from the noise and pollution of the environment. Thanks to them you can rest in a silence during the day and night. Thus you feel and live better. Aluminium plates are filled with polyurethane foam, which improves insulation and reduces the noise level.