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PVC Roller Shutters


They are a good alternative for home insulation and are best used in small openings and rooms. They are very practical and flexible.  PVC shutters could be affected by high temperatures, as they are made of thermoplastic material.  Usually, the PVC shutters carry up to a 15 year warranty. The warranty does not include any manufacturing faults, but simply it`s a guarantee that the material would not breakdown. The PVC shutters are not considered as ecologically friendly products, as for their manufacture is used a lot of energy and they aren`t biodegradable. The best thing about the PVC shutters is that they do not need further maintenance, thus when you install them it`s forever. They won`t break or damage, that`s why they are among the most preferable shutters worldwide.

Exterior shutters protect your home and have a good sound and heat insulation. They are the most practical and affordable pleasure, you could achieve. There are many options to choose carefully and decide which shutters are suitable for your home, according to their color, price and quality. Another good option, about the shutters is that you can combine different types of aluminium and PVC slats, guides, box consoles, axes. Their quality and durability are guaranteed, because it’s made of quality materials, such as aluminium. The variety of colors and designs help people choose the option for them and their homes. Such variety could satisfy and fulfil the dreams of any fastidious client.

For your convenience the exterior shutters have the following advantages:

  • Energy-saving: closed shutters have high thermal insulation, due to the airflow between roller blinds and window. The process reduces heating costs and energy. Aluminium shutters give you a greater protection against rain, snow, hail, wind and solar radiation.
  • Theft protection: these blinds drive away the thieves and generally all offenders, who are about to harm you. They could be assembled with a sensor, directly connected to the security system in your home, thus providing guaranteed prevention against burglary.
  • Eye protection: these blinds protect you against unpleasant and curious stares of passers-by, neighbours and gossips. They allow you to keep your private life and protect your privacy from intruders. You can keep the shutters up or down.
  • Noise protection: external shutters protect you very well from the noise and pollution of the environment. Thanks to them you can rest in a silence during the day and night. Thus you feel and live better. Aluminium plates are filled with polyurethane foam, which improves insulation and reduces the noise level.