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professional services


Before installing your new windows, the installation team carefully removes the old windows (if any), whether it is wood, aluminium or PVC.


The assembly of the windows is one of the most important things, in order to keep its maintenance as smooth as possible. It`s crucial for the windows to be perfectly leveled and firmly attached to wall. Thus, the distortion and warping of the profile is avoided. We have the best assemblers that ensure long and trouble-free operation of your new windows and doors!

The process starts with the assembly of the case into the construction opening. Then it would be attached with wedges, leveled and fixed. The frame is ready for glazing – the sashes could be hung thereafter. Then the assembly continues with the installation of the glazing windows and regulating the wings. Finally, the gaps around the windows and walls are filled with professional foam.


After the installation of your new windows, your don`t need anymore your old windows. Our assemblers could remove and take away your old windows and frames. This means one less inconvenience for you. Actually the service is charged extra.

Charter service quality

  1. Free detailed quote for you without responsibilities
  2. According the particular specification could be made accurate documentation of the used products. It would be given to you in the shortest possible time, so as not to delay the start of construction.
  3. Timeliness of implementation – the authorized doer agrees to comply with the time frame agreed, upon signature.
  4. Measurement. The Contractor shall provide the needed design and construction of your project, installation and any follow-ups, regarding the customer service.
  5. The construction site cleanup. The assembly contractor shall pay particular attention to the protection of the workplace and reduce risk situations inside and outside the site, cleaning of the site platform.
  6. Work done by certified profiles accessories. Profiles and accessories are certified under ISO. If you wish, you may submit a certificate of quality,
  7. Acceptance of works.